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Valerie has been publishing sexy rants in the fabulous bilingual journal Le Bathyscaphe, so if you're begging for more (which i KNOW you are) you should check out the journal here.


Convinced By The End Of It - Elaine Kahn & Valerie Webber

convinced by the end of it
(big baby books 2009)

52 pgs, 5.5 x 7.5, 7$ cdn
cover art by elaine kahn

Aw Shucks...

Check out what Arthur Mag bandits Byron Coley and Thurston Moore have to say about Convinced By The End Of It:

" is a motherfucker of a read—one of the best things we’ve read in a long time. Their voices have been very different in the past, these two, but there are similarities here never noted before—a slowly twisting surrealism, combined with casually strident orgone boil. This is powerful, funny, mean and possessed of a magical quality we associate with the incredible early work of Erica “Rikki” Ducornet. This is writing in its highest form."

In addition, the whimsical Charles Potts (Arthur's poetry editor) recently posted one of Webber's poems, check it out.


New Book On The Way

That's right, big baby books is hard at work producing another fine razor blade of poetry to cut your literary coke with. This time it's a co-publication of Valerie Webber and the one and only Elaine Kahn, poet extraordinaire and 50 foot woman. Keep your eyes peeled for its appearance in may, when bbb will be attending the Tres Versing The Panda festival in Cleveland. Readings by webber herself and a fuck load of other awesome peeps, as well as one helluva small press purchasing possibility. Check the link for all the juicy details.


Big Baby Books at Expozine Montreal!

Expozine is fuckin' rad, and big baby books will be there with big baby bells on, all weekend. Find details about Expozine here.

Many books are nearly out of stock, so this may be your final chance to purchase them. Otherwise you will be DOOMED.

A few new titles that have yet to be announced here will also be available. Even if you hate big baby books, you should check it out because something awesome awaits you.

Hope to see you there!


lignin diadem - genevieve dellinger & valerie webber

lignin diadem (big baby books, rain ridge press & glasseye books copublication 2006) by genevieve dellinger & valerie webber

24 pgs, 5.5 x 8.5, 7$ cdn
cover art by nadia moss

thin little arms build castles - valerie webber

thin little arms build castles (big baby books 2006) by valerie webber


webber's first solo book in four years! this collection features 14 new poems.

"webber has hit a new mark w/ this book of poems. they glower w/ a savage steaminess that recalls (in part) some of lydia lunch's best work. but she does not have lydia's vicious nihilism. valerie's possesses a strangely juicy optimism as often as it does darkness, and there is a humour poking through many of the pieces, letting in illuminative shards of light" : byron coley & thurston moore, bull tongue review. top 80 of 2006.

to see the other top 79, click here.

44 pgs, 4.5 X 6, 7$ cdn
cover photo by antoine peuchmaurd

tanka for canadian content - byron coley, thurston moore & valerie webber

OH NO! SOLD OUT! try glass eye books

tanka for canadian content (glasseye books 2006) by byron coley, thurston moore & valerie webber

tanka, the less popular cousin to haiku, is the vehicule for this work. moore, coley, and webber tackle the discography of canadian folk legend neil young. the results are humourous, surreal and absurd. glasseye books has others in the series, including mike watt and david bowie.

csny : deja vu

waiting for a poop
that seemed like it would not come
my generation
squatted on the toilet's edge
awaiting this arrival

44 pgs, 5.5 x 8.5, 7$ cdn, 9$ signed

one night stands - valerie webber

one night stands (big baby books 2003) by valerie webber


big baby books first autonomous publication!
here we follow valerie webber through a series of drinking binges in poetry form as she travels the unknown alcoholic landscape of her new montreal home. stopping at various bars for one drink, one cigarette, and one poem each, these unedited works get progressively sloppier as the nights wear on.

"the results are funny and brutal, a kind of travelogue of the lost, filled with a great tumble of details, and written in webber's crisp, acerbic style." : byron coley & thurston moore, bull tongue review march 2004.

32 pgs, 5.5 x 8.5, 7$ cdn
cover art by jonathan maloney

playground forcing hearts ensemble - christina certer, byron coley, matthew wascovich & valerie webber

SOLD OUT! OH NO! try slow toe publications

playground forcing hearts ensemble (slow toe publications 2003) by christina carter, byron coley, matthew wascovich & valerie webber

slow toe publications gathers together wascovich and webber yet again for collaborative works, this time adding the spice of byron coley and christina carter. the book features a few solo poems by each, and a whole tasty slew of poems created by sending disjointed lines to and fro via the electronic mailman. their segments melt together so well even the poets no longer know from whom they came.


my mission
is for
the leopard
can't change
his scenic destiny
its spots
forever linked

3o pgs, 5.5 x 8.5, 7$ cdn
cover art by souther salazar